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Hephaestus Presents: Drinking and Comedy at Slake aka American Beauty (April Foolin Around on First Thursday)

A year ago, some dreamers showed up for their 1st day of UCB 401. They then did improv every Thursday for the next year. They went to Slake first for the beer pong, then to have practice, and then to do First Thursday shows, of which this will be the 10th. Every show has been good, many have been great. This one will be the latter.

AS USUAL, this show is FREE!
We will have house party rocker extrodinaire DJ MAMOUDOU on the 1s and 2s (and 3s maybe?). I just saw that guy on the Chris Gethard Show!
MIKE KELTON will be doing something!
MATT CUTLER will be doing something!
ALAN STARZINSKI will be doing something!
CUNT DRACULA will probably do improv! (Sarah Boatright, Ali Joseph, Shenovia Large, Eva Pronoun, Kristina Stefanelli)
DEBASER will probably do improv! (Arti Gollapudi, Frank Marasco, Ryan McCormack, Jonathan Noggle, Nick Pearl)
and just added STEVEDORE who will most likely do 2prov! (Nicole Conlan and Rollie Williams)
AND if I had to guess, your house team HEPHAESTUS will probably also jump up on stage and do improv!

There will be FREE PIZZA (w a drink), SOCIALIZING (before, during intermission, and after), your option of comfortable or uncomfortable SEATING, LARRY the most beautiful bartender alive, MUSIC that makes your hips move, a GOOD SIZED CROWD not too big that you get anxiety or too small that you feel bad for everyone involved, lots of DARK CORNERS to make out, a pool TABLE.

To make things confusing, Slake goes by American Beauty now, not to be confused with American Whisky which is 2 buildings down and in no way affiliated. New interior design involves nothing patriotic or Kevin Spaceycentric :(

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Later Event: April 8
Get in the house!