Comedian Arti Gollapudi is a survivor of abuse and sexual assault. She dealt with that pain internally for years, before she found the strength to speak openly about it in her comedy sets, regaining power from her abusers and helping fellow survivors heal collectively in the process.

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Your Favorite Unhinged Comedian

Wussy Magazine feature

Arti Gollapudi is at her most unhinged. This she happily admits to herself and to the whole, entire internet so it’s not exactly a secret. In fact, besides producing, writing, and starring in a series of her own shows in NYC, which include the incomparable “Boogie on the Brink” and “Your Body, Yourself,”


Arti Gollapudi’s Motivation is to Get Rich Quick

Vulture Follow Friday

This week, Arti and I chatted about hot babysitters, making your therapist laugh, and forgetting that straight male comedians exist.


Pride Month: 6 South Asian Creatives Share Their Coming Out Stories and It’s Worth a Read

Brown Girl Magazine feature

For this Pride Month, we collaborated with our friend and photographer Anuj Goyal, makeup artist Emaan Khawaja, hair extraordinaire Afaf Zahira, and six South Asian creatives who each represented a color of the pride flag with a bindi.

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27-Year-Old Arti Gollapudi Isn’t Afraid to Turn Trauma into Comedy

Forbes Under 30 feature

The 27-year-old Gollapudi is not afraid to cover hard topics in her comedy. Her jokes are often based on her own sexual assault and leaving an abusive relationship.