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The Brillberg Brothers Present: The Brillberg Brothers

Last month, the Brillberg Brothers brought the special FX sound duo Peter and Craig, the Soundweavers. It's only been two weeks since that point but the Brillbergs don't really care; they're back and this time they are going to host the show. Known for making the careers of Yonni, the Hassidic bedtime story singer, Chip and Beans the creators of the renowned "DoctorCop" theme song and Tha WHiZ KiDZ, the educational early 90's rap twins. Will they make history and sign on new talent? Probably not, but there will be some amazing performances from:

Mike Cannon
Ana Fabrega
Eliza Hurwitz
Brad Howe
Brian Fiddyment
Arti Gollapudi

The Grand Bar and Grill
on Dec. 3rd at 9:30

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